‘Latin Pop Anthems’ perfectly captures that commercial Reggaeton and Moombahton vibe that has been dominating the worldwide charts in recent months. Taking influence from the mammoth hn N n e X ) % ~its of Luis Fonsi, Clean Bandit and Little Mix, this sultry collection is designed to provide you with the quintessentiaJ _ l } d Yl Latin rhythms, guitars and swago – = t 4ger needez # yd to c$ 9 u qreatS e W U # | ce hit tracks9 P ) F m g t fit fork \ 4 + O t the international radiowaves.

Mix and match samples bq a 3 S yetween the five included Kits or8 # v I | branch out and combine them with yo_ M w = Qur other Producer Loops products to break into unch? 7 X E V 7 6ar\ S zted sonic territory. The samplk \ P ) r ) d P &es are just that versatile; there’s n5 z 8 j 5 do limit to what you can create with this Latin-inspired librs T Qary.

Ac : , N |ll of this content is, of course, backed up by a professional feature set designed for usersf ( ! 5 of all abilities. Check out the demo, and read on to find out more.


Mz \ k 2 9IDI files are includedq c i for the majority of musical phra8 ` N w Jses, meaning you can manipulate the melodies to your own taste and assign yourt U – R Y c K L own } & 0n VSTi sounds.

One-Shot Samples:

This pack includes percusL s & E v [ ; bsive One-Shot samples taken from e8 j Vach Kit, allowing you to create new beats, fills and loops to complement the existing materialP – | ) *. Simply loac g (d them up into your sample1 Z |r of c\ ! % x ~ Z Ghoice and create an infinite number of new beats and phrases.

Dry/Wet Loops:

For user& U b us looking to siM 0 z E \ 6mply drag and drop, the ‘wet’ files contaU L P m v ! N ; {in all of the effects processing heard in the audio demos. But for producers looking to create their own effects mix, ‘d\ U \ Wry’ loops are al– n eso included. Don’t like the wet loZ ^ 3 l c Eops No problem, add your own effects@ s V L [ * P.

Unlooped Riffs/Tails:

This sample library also comes with unlooped/tail versiV 3 0 \ h P / Z 2ons allowing you to eni 6 B e F } d q Gd a phrase with the decay of the reverb/delay applied to the loop, another “Producer Loops” exclusive product feature.


All of the loops and samples in this product are 100% RoyaltX m 8y-Free, so once purchased, you can use these loops and samples in your commerciai c 9 o L \ pl releases without haviw ; Ang to pay any hidden c^ T . q R 6 H 9osts.

– 5 Construction Kits
– MIDI Files
– ACIDized WAV Files
– AZ @ y I I C fpple Loops/AIFF Files
– REX2
– Reason Refill
– Ableton L$ Z w ! r pive Pack 8.1.3
– Loopn [ $ v u c Ls sync to BPM
– 44.1 kHz/24-Bit
– PC/Mac Compatible
– Royalty-Free (No EJ w , R | a * @xcept^ 5 h { Z ) (ions)