Recorded in a tiny room, using minimal mics and all analog outboard gear, we collected some of the absoz + l K [ S wlute tightest sounding drum sar u h 8 smplesQ ! $ ) % and loops.

Dead, dry drums ar4 i % * ^ @ &e hard to come by these days. Over-processed and verby * W P c v \ Ged out sounds have plagu! , %ed every corner of the samplQ d 0 V e u s *e world.q H g h 7 k { Z

We wanted to design an entire library of real, raw drum samples and loops that allowed musiM D D W ? h F ac makers to procesj M j is, ver~ t / Yb, compress and destroy these samples in e^ 1 ; , ` _very which way.

146 Loops
66 One Shots