‘Logic Pro X: Stellar’ is an amazing Logic Pro X project that will show you some unique production techniques and inspire you to learn. It gives you a solid starting point fo1 O m Ir producing Future Pop tracks and provides you a breakdownm @ G N / ^ b I |, a build-up and a main chorus.

RW D Y y 5 * x + \equirements:

  • Fab Fim L D 3 ) 6 ; ; (lters: PRO Q2, PRO C2, PRO L2
  • Waves: SSL Comp, API 550A, LinMB, WLM Plus, CLA-2A, Smack Attack, H-Delay
  • Kickstart
  • Cytomic: The Glue
  • Valhalla: Room, Plate
  • Lennar Digitf / P E v @al – Sylenth 1 v.3.0.4
  • Xfer Records –c W @ c * z { * A Serum v.1.215