‘Pop Perfect 2’ from Bunker 8 is inspired by artists like Katie Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Shawn M; u 1 4 Hedes. This is a PoS / i * % ^ % ap collec= Z _tion like no other on the market. Truly masterful mixes and groups for quick edits, transposing of cB # = n ? Bontent and integration into your next big hit.

This is a collectiG = * W H & Bon spread out over 10 Construction Kits, everything that. J I c } c q you need to pull yk $ 0 P ] m p ! /ourselG D z v T – Of directly into this cer~ J [ P ! I Q uebralx K $ mind bending collection.& j \ 9 d K r 6

There} = w * } ^ g Q m is a collection of mastered and unmastered complete mixes included in each Construction Kit which makes it easy to reference what a fuh ] F e % 2 \ll mix would sound like with all elements, as well as logical groups of drums/percussion, bass and melodic elements where appropriate so that you can isolaA ! B ! t Jte the interactions between each of the song elements together and decide what works best for your original pop co/ M A Q #mpositl L S ] q A U Dions.

In addition, there are MIDI files, with key, tempo and pI ? Y {erformance data conX w ~ A r Stained as complete mixes so tha) { m w 4 . Mt you can pull up your own sounds and FX and begin to create right away.

– 362 FilesW % k + in Total
– 159 WAV Loops
– 159 AIFF Loops
– 10 MIDI Files (Complete Construction Kb F D 5 } Y \its)

Bunker 8 has supplied the bed tracks for countless ar_ } Ttists, cinematic cues, YouTube backing sets, etc. This collection features MIDI files ofQ E X # 9 . t q J all Construction Kits broken out into logical master groups for easy access, editing, and in4 g f Nclusion in your own compositions.

All 10 Construction Kits have been carefully edited and sample-M & 6 s F o gaccurate sliced so& : V d l that each loop isv c } completely seamless and will perform flawlessly oK ^ \ B \ M L W \n any DAWd a h/development yov z A t F m 1u happen to choose. Bunker 8 have been developing s4 4 7 D . y |ample content for over 18 years, they have provided industry-leading content to the best producers, soundtrackP r } H # x 9 x composers, video game audio specialists and composers in the industry. content. Just drop into your latest compositions and` / e z K . be careful to look over youq s C l S X 1 Sr shoulder when you do.

Careful attentior z X k | e Wn has beer , { T 5 Rn paid to sample accura7 R q . Cte edits, break out mix groups of Drums, Bass, Keys, Guitars, FX, as well as complete edited mixer l d 1 – @ h : 0s of the entire content. Where there are t_ – a awo or more elements of a particular mixer group type, they have been added to their own grd f z C f W C N Coup.

ReU + R fmember, the key to a successful Pop hit is to take the5 % + U ~ elements that work for your own original comh v j # ypositions and tweak/twist/arrange them iY c A 0 W .nto something completely of your own.