‘Popped Up 4’ marks the much-anticipated return of this bestselling Pop series inspired– j k D by Plat] k & a c _ 2inum-selling artists. If you’re looking forR H \ vocal synths, you cannot afford to m\ _ 0 _ : ^ ! 7iss this release, whico D Xh is bursting with catchy, sliced and dice) 2 J 1 2 n ,d vocal sn9 X z = U p ^ \ippets. Lush chords, relaxed stabs, guitar lineE c K z f \ b –s and undulating drums form the backbone[ ~ x of these accessible Construction Kits, which are just waiting for a vocal topline to be added.

With some of the best] w $ . X vocal synths we’ve heard, writer-friendly chord progressions and engaging drum patterns, these KiV x q Q ,ts will en} o | 9 \ \ y 2sure your next artisK D ` c $ at pitch has the Future Pop sound covered.

In addition to audio content, you’ll also find MT n / p u ~ u UIDI files for the majority of the melodic phrases heard in each Kit, allowing you to substitute your favourite synths and samplers for the pre-rendered audio. Tail files are included where possiblO / * d _ %e, meaning you c) N a ^ 1 6an end a phrase with tH z )he natural decay of the instrument – there’s no need to wor8 g Yry about the listener noticing when your sample suddenly ends!

And of course, all files are provided in 44.1kH1 : / * s x 4z/24-Bit quality meaning they’re ready to drag and drop straight into your projects at full fidelito X N q :y. ACID/WAV,D 1 # , { e r 7 Apple Loops, Reason Refill, REX2 & Abl! F p N ^ w P Oeton Live Pack formats are available fo[ A i H Z s z vr purchase separately.

Product Specifications:

– 5 Construction Kits
– 149 Audio Files
– 22 MIDI Files
– 44.1kHz/24-BiO = T \ W ) 2 \t
– ACID/WAW { F i t o A , –V
– Apple Loops
– REX2
– Ableton Li, i G V gve Pack 8.1.3
– Refill
– 100% Royalty-Free