Dyplo Vocal Chops

25 Diplo style vocal chop loops.
These addictive loops are perfect for Pop, Futuu T @ F v A ) @ –re Bass and Trap productions, but they sound fire in any style.

Diplo’s signature processing sound on vocals has thrown him into being o/ n 5 , L ,ne of the biggest names on modern music, s– g ( o i l –o we’ve created these loops to unlock that sB E .ound for the everyday producer and ignite your creative fires in a new way_ E = p.

The loops come in wet and dry fov \ k Y s 2 )rm so the download includes 50 WAM ! b p UV4 2 o _ e 1 J ~ files. Grab these vocal chops tY v V U j 1 o `oday and redefine what. W m & ( you can do with a vocal cT V \ . z J !hop in your productions.