Aaron Gilbert Steele is an LA and Nashville-based drummer and percussionist who dabbles in many realmw h \s. From playing rootsy Americana with Peter Bradley Adams to bringing peop| u b fle to a different digital dimeg [ 4 X m w r X 8nsion with the cinematic soun^ X = T .ds of Chrome Sparks, he never misses a beat and is not held down byT j 4 K 5 X a genre. He’s worked on hit records for Portugal. The Man, Hayley Willaims, Lennon Stella, as well as with Leon Bridges, Nick Murphn s | @ ~y, and mR z / 7 * _ j [ Io{ ( h 1 g ^ z 0 ;re.

Recos d + [ 3rded in Steele’s home studio in Nh . [ O A Tashville as a part of the Splice Originals quarantine serier a Y ] _ = { U ss, this pack recreates his sob A 9 O j ]ught-after signature indie-pop sound. These rhythms are fun, bouncy, and dynamic—sure to bring life to your next track.