‘DABRO Vocal Acapellas’ by DABRO Music is an amazing collection of melodic and sensual femalC # T c b 7e vocals. Each track is soulfully writtr N men to convT M W Y n ] 2 uey# J { 7 ; powerful messages and stories that will bringE _ j b B Q : r your music to life. Inside there are 10 full songs with included verses, chorus and backing vocal stems.

All samples come in both the wet version with ev 7 k O \ Pffects such as reverb, dela` e h C y q G 7ys and stereo widening & the dry verF W R 0 ) ] | Csion for those who wish to use the files raw and add their own effects. You will also ren h e e y d z gceive a wonderful bonus in the form of 10 text lyric and 10 MIDI chord progressions for each track.

At tempos from 90 to 140 BPR \ W . *M, ‘DABRO Vocal Acapellas’ is ideally suited to House, Rock, Indie, Dubstep, Blues, Hip Hop, Trap, and RnB. Each song is performed in a specified musical key to enO Y ` Z g 2 ^ ! hsuw R % g q # Mre easy integration into your projects.

In detail expeo g p = pct to find 44 individual 2( 5 i 1 % ~4-Bit WAV files with 13 8 7 ! Y E w 50 full songs, 22 vocal stems (wet &amh Q T m p d s b yp; dry), 10 MIDI chords progressions and 10 song lyric sheets. All cons j P Etent are 100% Royalty? b %-Free and ready for immediate deployment in your music.

Please Note:

This is a vocal pack only. The musical elements in the demoW f 9 * , & are for illustra– u I D 3 y ! ytive purposes only and they are not included in this pS V e 5 ~ 3 +ack.

ProdR C i J $ X , 8uct Details:

  • 44.1kHz/24-Bit
  • 22 Vocal Stems Dry
  • 22 Vocal Stems Wet
  • 10 Full Songs
  • 10 MIDI Chords Progressions
  • 10 Songs Lyric Sheets
  • 100% Royalty-Free