Introducing Big Sound Samples new release ‘100 Guitar Riffs Apple Loops Sample Pack’ for Garageband and Logic 9 -10/X music production software.E n + W u 8 S X f
This all n, N gew collection of 100 Midi guitar loops,100 Apple Loops and 18 Guitar Channel Strips.Music Loops are included in this collection and formatted toI A 1 change key and BPM.

All loops will be visible in the Garageband or LoB $ v F wgic 9/X loop browser.
These 100 Guitar Riffs will inspire you to create some totally unique and interesting songs.

All these loops could be used also in other DAWs such as Ableton, Cubase, Bitwig, etc…

100 Guitar Midi Loops
100 Green Apples 1 e Loops For Gara$ s U h J E Dgeband or Logic 9 -10/X
100 Guitar Wav Loops
18 GuO T e yitar Channel Strips For Logic 9 -10/X

Km G _ } B l J 6 @eys: C,D,E,A,F#,G,B
Gi \ e U / {enre: Multi
BPM: Formatted to change (Apple Loops – Midi Loops only)
44.1 kHz/24-Bit
PCw H E X : B @ M |/Mac Compatible
Produced: By Maxim Dergunov
100% Royalty-Free
375 mb (unzipped)

Bariton Guitar – Classical Guitar – Electric Clean Guitar
Electric Overdrive Guitar – Electric Vintage Guitar
Gui– T Z ? 5 .tar Harmonic( 2 z & f ` a W ds – Power Chords – Roundback Guitar
Slide Guitar – Solo Overdrive: # E o _ P ; _ Guitar – Steel Str. Ac. Guitar