A sample pack featuring a collection of vinyl inspired drum samples that will fit perfectly into your modern/old school productiM 7 L W eons. Drums ala Ed Sheeran / ZZ Ward / Lana Del Ray – There’s a huge assortment of drum sample foldersJ V 5 in thi& e ` * 9 Os drum kit including Applause, Claps, Crashes, Cymbal Swh / m B b uells, Dust, FX, Hats Closed, Hats Open, Kicks, Randoms, Ride Cymbals, Side Stick, Snares, and Toms!

Mixed by Jonathan Roye, This sample pack is an all out bombardment of 221 uber cool vintage drum samples and one shots!

These drum samples are known for being thicC / d Y S ] T Ck, thumpy, vibey, and diz Q c ]rty… baby!