We are excited to introduce our new tool, Pop Progressions Midi Pack. This is a pack of MIDI files that were handcrafted by 5 i% ~ c , J .ndd # F ) 4 pustry professionals to help give you inspiration, idL 2 Z ` + ` c Eeas, and a different perspective when you’re creating. These MIDI files range from simple chords, to complex proC H H I T e _gressionp & Z # 0 P ws with lefY 2 $ =t hand andF \ C T x C R N right hand patterns that are very intricate. This is THE MIDI pack for making pop music.

150 MIDI Progresion( z = 0 Ns spanning across 5 g} ` u 9 * ! 0 f Yenres.

Acoustic Pop – Christopher Siu
Inspired! f v ^ o ; , br 7 m p Oy artists such as Adele, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, etc. This pack features chord progressions that{ C W N 5 m M c * evoke em9 l : + notioB e { Y [n and they are a solid foundation for a ballad or acD V s ] y R n Q poustic pop song.j 7 B
Tempos vary, so if something s0 C K e 9 y X H |ounds ofr m ;f, plaa L ( . v 9 C e #y aroug G K – E L H – }nd with the tempo in your DAW.

Dark Pop – Austin Hull
Inspired by artists such as The Weeknd, Halsey, Billie Eilish, etc. This pack features dj | l e q } t Cark, and oft[ 9 z | Zen soO % y m Fmber chord progressions that work for creating a moody po[ . : P u v Wp track.
Tempos vary, so if something s\ d + Z nounds off, play around with the tempo in your DAW.

Electronic Pop – Moshe Ackerman[ t s h (Olturix)
Inspired by artists such as The Chainsmokers, ZB \ Nedd, and Marshmello. These progressions contain leads and chords so you can create an electronic pop banger.
Tempos vary, so if something sounds off, play around with the tempo in your DAW.

Funk Pop – ClayY O T , 3 Agnew (Clay Avian)
Inspired by ar\ R ) 3 N )tists such as Charlie Puth, DNCE, and\ i s Bruno Mars. This pack has jazzy cho3 e – s O mrd progres_ f e $ ]sions that will make you want to dance. These are amazing for getting that retro sound in a modern pop record.
Tempos includedT X q s for rd ] *eference, but can be adjusted in your DAW.

Indie Pop – Anh Le (EMIA)
In( C qspired by artists such as L0 f r S cauv, Troye= ! k y z g 4 i * Sivan, Chelsea Cutler, etc. These progressions are light and airy and are a perfect fit for the indie pop wave that is taking over the mainstT ^ S y 7 6 e S ,ream right now.
Tempos vary, so iX # # r = V B Gf so, \ W Q * c ` Ymething sounds off, play around with the tempo in your DAW.

HOW TO US8 u I R g q v = ZE:
Just creM – h K ` F `ate a MIDI track or Instrument track in your DAW, an( ( R Pd drag a MIDI file into+ b @ w 3 h X m the track. It will create the MIDI and a piano roll will appear.

MIDI files automatically conform to your project tempo.
You can open thQ 3 l v { y Ie piano roll and dra_ w Q d # X V bg MIDI files to a new key, rearra` / g O bnge the notes or chords, and make it completely your own!