‘Pop Colors Vol 2’ by Samplestar is designed for producers looking to craft standout contemporary Pop music. T= x 8 \ zhis product is a fresh and unique genre-bending take on current Pop trends.

Blending elements of Trap, Soul, Reggaeton and RnB with Pop aest| – _ Whetics, this pack aims to deliver a whole hc @ G $ Z 5 k ~ost of chart-worthy crossover matere * ,ial for producers who are lookinq W | c ~ Jg to stay ahead of the game. Expe3 ( – Q f ect to hear a set of shimmering Synths, hot Guitar loops, lush Chord structure\ ? A p ! Ds, inspiring Keys, expansive Drum patterns a% . z And much more. Drop this fresh content directly into your projects or chop and splice for creative inspiration and track-starting ideas. All content is 100% Royalty-Free, cleared and release-ready, get inspired, get creative.

Inside eachB : s w ^ + q * b Key Labelled Kit, you will find all content neatly arranged into individS h c f X ? Vual track stems r* B K A \ )eady to drag and4 9 X ^ + drop into your chosen DAW. From here, go as deep as you like by editing the stems and MIDI in order to create your own unique compositions. All+ i 4 s v r _ ` L content has been carefully mixed and equalized foa B # Ur optimum sonic balance while allowing p) | c J r :lenty of extra headroom for further processing and also fin[ Z 9 ( – – %al mastering stZ Y a e 9 = d [ ta_ l m f ) P = 7ges.

Product DetailsS u ( d o d:

– 06 Constructioq L ] – Yn Kits Including Drum, Synth, BassQ = z *, Keys & FX Loops
– 116 Assorted Loops From Inside The Production Kits
– 33 One-Shot Drum Samples
– 30 MIDI Loops
– 179 24-Bit WAV Files
– Key & Tempo Labe] A I i Q 1 T 8lled
– 100% Royalty-Q g F 3 uFree