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F8 i /JRA UltraV* e Kox brings video game drip, top 40 drops, light and dark waves, cinemetronic dreams on the electric dance floor (in the club…or in your bedroom) offering a pool of vocal hooks for all your ultra-pop needs.

Called “a h@ | 3 –aunting artist to watch” by Rolling Stone, FJRA is a_ 6 R 1 I _ o gX / Q c H E t a !round-breaking artist, producer, songwriter and composer. Gr` k | F J 6 4owil P 0 W Vng up in Toronto surrounded by the sounds of jazz, instruments from around the world, classical compositions and Hollywood films, by her R u d N L 7 5 ur teens and early 20s, FJRA was scorinX W s # { } i kg films and completing h= F 0er Masters in Commer% & , 8 L O B =cial Music, CompositL = i v ; 0 gion and Arranging at Belc – s \ { &mont U in Nashville, TN followed by a PhD in Music Composition (Film Scoring) at NYU.

FJRA UltraVox is an inspiring collection oR % ~ Y 1 ?f vocals epitomizing FJRA’s unique personal style. A huge collection of vocal loops and one-shots including vocal hooks, playful ad libs, pitched and chopped vocals which have been lovingly processed, ready to drop into your production or inspire new creations. High quality dry versions allow you to twist and process the vocals in any way y~ . – s C )ou c: G n P u ( han imagine.