Nostalgic synths reimagined for modern music
As producers we all know how important unique sounds are.% k \ They can literally take a common chord progressionz [ H or simple melody and turn it into something memorable and magical.
Each Serum preset in Vivid is drippin\ 0 n I s i J O 6g with character. Ourp R w O 0 ! goal was to create a collection of prX W w U F Resets that becomes your go to when you need to introduce an interesting or unique soundi P l & k m y \ to your song or beat.

We created 150 custom wavetables sourced from hard to find vintagA G w 2 ? H 1e synths to make Vivid unlike any other Serum bank. It’s perfect for genres like House, Future Bass, Pop, Syn` c 4 7 q 1thwave and even Hip Hop.

InsteadD C e of droning onC C g + = about how good the presets are, see for yourself. Take a quick listen.

Over 2 GB of presets, samples and loops
220 Serum Presets
150 Custom Wavetables
Macros ActiA E r + F G !ve On Every Presr b i q Get
​Velocity Macro Active On Many Presets
300 + Dr( 8 A Rum Loops including stems
53S : . F $0 +b D v 6 Q L D 3 Drum One Shots
4 Huge Bonus Pc Q n U Oroducts, Only 250 Copf 7 X 9 I A t 4 mies Available*

House, Trap, Future Bass, Pop, Synthwave, Disco Pop