Vocal loops can take a simple beat and really turn it into a new and exciting track.

And with Miraget t v N u o H we wanted to su~ s L l ? q I 1pply you with an arsenal of many different vocal style l$ i j I h loops, all great for eithH b v !er polishing or bringing a track together.

Using vocal samples is a great way to add more soul and feeling= ) Y to a record, not to2 i v ( W ) M mention all of the ways you can flip them…

Whether you just want to sprinkle in some vocals, make it the b# 4 R ` 3 0 Aase of your track, or simply experiz ^ 7 b O Sment witz J O & ` l Q Rh new ideas, Mirage is pM 0 6 @erfect for what you need.


  • 30 Dry VC R iocal Adlibs
  • 30 Wet Vocal AV I z $ O l 8 +dlibs
  • 31 Vocal Chop Loops