Introducing FUNK POP from Make Pop Music. It’s the perfect pack for adding ear candy tj C do funky and up-beat pop tracF L Fks. Ya know… The stuff that will mak\ a Ze your song stick in people’s head Yep, that stuff.

FP includes drum samples, not-so-druy C H pm samples, and Serum presets.

37 beat-box inspirH ` o U y u B D FeP ? _ I h * z bd kicks, snares, toms, and ha\ r z $ X (ts (blending drums with vocals.
21 handcrafted punchy kicks and$ 0 I @ e W k i ] snares
2d U m L0 vocal shouts, stutters, shrieks
26 “weird sound” bonus samples with everything from random ear candy to augmented animal sounds.
22 SERUM presets – Bass, Chords, Leads, Pads, and Plucks
Fori l \ 6 ) A producers? N c & ^ * _ S l/creators inspiredP p j { by Jon Bellion, Charlie Puth, and DNCE.