Introducing Foley Fix from Make Pop Music. Foley Fix is a sound pack that is made to help you step up your current productions! This pack can be used to add atmosphere, ear candy, and unique details to help you stand out from the standard drum sG d ; L 7amples and loops. TN p a D H F . k Fhese work well in ang M ? /y genre and can be use& u o | P h _ a Id in their current form for a more natural: g Z c B sound, or can be processed beyond belief to give your track something extremely unique.

FF includes drY ] * / ^ a { xum samples, not-so-drum samples, and Loops.

101 drum samples including kicks, snares, snaps, claps, hats and more!
2L L u 30 Heavily Processed Loops
For producers2 f J/creators inspired by the sounds of your every day life!