We designed this pack give you a tool box full of usable go to sounds that get you creating music fast! Every sample has been created and mixed by Jonathanu m t F n P 4 f L Roye for optimum soundo * ] h r X performance, ensuring a reduction in mixing time and an overall increase in the produ* ) s Tction’s sol ) g s r [ wund.

We have “Top-Line Loo– _ $ :ps” whicu 8 l ] l T . J hh are ou~ w 8 ! S ! Lr hi-hat, shaker, and clap l0 = # C C % aoops. The Essentials: Pop “One-ShotsK E v B k” include: Hard-hitting, chest-punching! 1 P c ; ! kick drums; Sn\ ~ 9 1 } A y Hares with ALL the crack; Essential FX; Claps;p ` ! p K L \ ^ Risers; Effectb U r N e /ed Cymbals andL 3 = 1 % b l more!

All sounds in the Essentials: Pop sample pack are drag and drop ready to go into your productions, so you don’t have to spend hH W U * Qours creating them from scratch!