Krewella is a pioneering dance music duo formed in 2007 in Chicago by sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf. One of the most successful ea 3 / R llectronic acts of the past decade, Krewel^ o \ w | = #la first made an impact with theim * 1 6 qr self-released chart-topping debut EP ‘Play Har1 0 ^d’ (2012), featuriy _ $ = ^ I wng the breakthx g 8rough single “Killin’ It.” Their 2013 era-defining debut album, ‘Get Wet,’ featured the platinum-selling “Alive,” a Top 40 hit in the U.S.

In June: m S , 2017, Krewella launched tk { * o j }heir own Mixed Kids Record, E : K . 7 8 0 Vs label, named aft= R + # C ) ^er their multiracial backgroun9 6 ^ V ` G [ Sd, which initiated their next creative phase. Krewella’s new sound sees the duo experimenting with a wider range of styles—trap, Bollywoodv { y } X X, pop,w 8 e n 0 R&B—and exploring deeper themes of mixed ethnic identity, liberated sexuality, and creative experimeH . pntaB # a ` p !tion.

On their 2020 album,Y J G f c A o 4 zer0 (Mixed9 6 u f B i } = Kids Records),= n v 6 Q G Z Krewella further developed t, 3 g \ $heir intricate songwriting and produi l j _ R :ction styles while deepening their independent spirit and worldly approach to art. As the culmin! L ! r j E @ation of the duo’s more thanG b a a a decade-long career at the forefront of electronic music, zer0 t\ ; v L O B ? dackles real-life social issues and features global cZ . dollaborators like Indian electronic producer Nucleya, Pakistani singer-songwriter Asim Azhar, and others.

In their debut Splice pack, find a unique range of their original sounds including chants, melodies,V = 1 6 T # pads, c3 e q Z s z X Uhops, rhythms, and moG & h O p A ire.



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