The Elise Trouw Beats You Can Sing: Drum and Vocal Pack is a collection of expertly recorded drums and v. % , Q + Y * _ qocals, exploring simple yet versatile drum beats and vocal performances to inspire your compositions. With loops ranging from 60 bpm to 180 bpm, this pack delivers a treasure trove of sounU , `ds to build a solid musical foundation, while– y ] V adding a unique and expansive sonic quality.

These samples were recorded at Singing Serpent in San Diego, CA utilizi? ^ n H q ` ] Ing the Neve BCM 10 with original 1073 mi2 h $c-pre EQ’s. The vocals were captured by a Soundelux E47. The kit_ 2 $ was made up of the Singing Serpet ` _nt house kit, as well as Pais^ : 9 : r V #te Dark Energy crashes and hi-hats, and a Pai? 6 r \stei _ ! w n Q @ * w Big Beat 22” ride. The sounds in this col* 5 & u S [ P c Ulection were mixed, produced, and engineered by Henry Lunetta, and assisted by Conor Meads – delicately adding analogue flavour to the sy 1 L f d G ?ounds wh. $ l 1 f =ile leaving dynamic and sonic headroom for the end user to further manipulati N H Ee, rework in their own productiok # +n.

Elise Trouwy \ r T n 3 , P t is a SoCal based multimedia artist blazing her own path by redefi\ D x 5 ; _ning wt f \ b * \ x 8 0ha$ ^ A Z 4 W [t it means to be a mun _ Usician in popular / } \ Or music today. The San Diego native has gained notoriety through her uniqI J Y )ue approach to music as an independ4 y G j I aent artist. Two0 ^ * { ) ; X 1 weeks after uploading an innovative live looping mashup of Foo Fighters’ “Everlong” and “What You Won’t Do for Love” by Bobby Caldwell, Elise caught the eye of talk show host Jimmy Kimmel who invited her to plH 0 / ! w o Lay on his show that same moM j 1 \ ( N W `nth. A few live looping videos and 30 million views later, Elise has continued to grow her online fan base around her artistry.

All sounds are 100% royalty-free and every loop and one-shot has been meticulously crafted, curated and tempo-synced for ease of use.