The sounds in CODA don’t all come from the noise oscillator. We spent months sampling r^ i %eal instruments and then resynthesizing thO { y { [ = C )e audio into playable wavetables. We incX & : D 5luded a P_ $ w = lro Tip tutorial video so you can learn how to harness the power of these unique wavetables. Because a lot o2 0 n S g kf the sounds are generated by wavetables, you have full ed= j G \ C I \iting ability and can tweak unison voices, wavetable position and warp modes. This allows you to crS 4 ] @eate and tweak truly hybrid sounds.

CODA is a onee – q of a kind collection of sounds, presets, samples and more, that will help@ U $ k ` b make your productions more unique by simply soundij c c x K Fng different.

It’s a huge collection of melodic and p) d 2 f O 9 7owerful sounds, pres0 U ) c _ / W (ets and samples inspired by orchestral and organic sources. We spe, & e ? M [nt two months sampling cellos, violins; v 1 ! t m (, harps, choirs, you name it, we sampled it.


CODA isn’t just us slapping a noise sample in the noise oscillator and calling it a preset. We painstakingly resynthesized samples into playable wavetables. This is why we call CODA “hybrid”. This gives you theU 6 \ { M freedom to apply warp modes, FM, Unison and more.

We pushed Serum to it’s ab$ * r / O w + F Usolute limits to bring you the mostt M V diverse set of presets. From drop worthy brass patches and ez ^ z ? !ar catching leads to highly creative key patches and lush string presets, this pack has it all. We carefully assigned macros for bl 6 k ) C d yoth synths} * e w so you have con: } I i . \ rtrol over all importW 5 O ~ |ant elements of any patch.

CODA truly doeO ^ r vs blur lines between genres and can be used in Future Bass, Trap, Tropical House, House, Future House, Moombahton, Pop, Hip Hop and more.