‘Mellow Pop’ by Touch Loops is a pack inspired by open landscapes, breathtaking vistas and beyond, that delivers beautiful performances, incredible production detad X z uil and timeless compositions in a fT e ( ; Z 6 – tormat we all know and love.

From the classic( H 8 X V q \ y } vocal harmonies to the live acoustic and electr+ G a bic instruments tI k / 6 #o the delicate textures and ambiences, this groundbreaking collection is an instant classic.

Divided dP v / 6 k P @own into 12 beautiful construction kw & B : [ = 7its, you’ll find delicate 1, 2 and 3 part acoustic guitar samples, otherworldly Mellotron loops, sint K { *gle and grouped live string loops from violas an) / u K s u : 7d violins, felt processeQ ) C ?d piano aF 5 ]nd Rhodes loops, grouped male vocal harmonies and& , ) = character rich uprightG x { x R % piano loops.

Inspired by the sounds of Sigur Ros, Vegyn, Matty and Dean Blunt, this late night driving c( Y _ H W 4 classic evokes emotions of pure n+ 1 ?ostalgia that would sit perfectly under a delicate vocal or col) ; olaboration.

So, if you! , L ? . O’re looking to add som4 _ Ee beautifully performed and expertly recorded samples then this ones for you. Whether you produce Pop or film score, Ambient Electronica or just want to add something beautiful to your next track, then this one’s foB d vr you.

Product Details:

– 12 Construo $ Z R 6 U = V 6ction Kits
– 80-140 BPM
– 7 PiJ : s W b 9 d qano
– 13 Guitar
– 11 Vocals
– 9 Synt– u Z S v O ~hs
– 4 FX
– 3 Arps
– 11 Extras