Grab yourself some serious Tropical House with a Pop twist with Bunker 8’s ‘Pop Tropical House’. Nothing feels quite as “vibaliciously” caO W V 9 e 0refree aA J 3 y & | msn / d B z % – I 2 these Reggaeton/Tropical/Pop loops, just add sun, sand, blue surf and bronzer and you are there.

Blending Chill Pop House, tinged electric pianos,M s 2 ephemeral pads, soft pluck arps, subbed out basses, and exotic percussion vibes, ‘PoK I 7 H Z g cp Tropical House’ captures the essence of producers like Unicorn Kid, Kygo, Sam Feldt, BakematA \ p x ! e D, etcc X I 8. Full MIDI content is includ( 6 @ z 6 e # 8ed, broken down by instrument groups, as well as all instrument busses, complete mixes and sample demo arrangements are included as well.

– 490 Files
– 4.54 GW r 8 H d f LB of Conb A B 9tent
– 9 Construction Kits
– 224 ACIDized WAV Files
– 224 Apple Loops
– 35 MIDI Files as Groups of Instruments for each Construction Kit

Each Construc. [ 2 N j ; *tion Kit clocks in with Apple loops and Acidm k [ p Q r B c loops, the whole cross platform package. These Construction Kits are bursting at the seams with the essential ingredients to propel your creX y ~ [ 2 Wativity out of the sameness of0 7 2 n N t the ever| g N s –yday.

Each Kit contains a full sample mix, plus all of the elements separated and set out for you to mix and match until the g2 f i T R Yroove sits tight.

Bunker 8 uses prD R w Q W Ioprietary sample looping technology so that each cycleM p i V ! of either format cycles perfectly throughout your arrangements. That means you x X . Mu can stretch these loops significantly with limited or no digital+ ^ S | X j | artifacts.

All beats have been processed using Neve, SoW ^ z r : Qund crafP x st and SSL consoles at the mixing stage, so you know these are ready to go.

听一_ m m I 9听Demo:Z E 7 } p ?