The Chainsmokers by no means produce Pop music. They just made their EDM tracks compelling and catchy to the po3 z X z 6 M : u xint where people started calling it Pop. That’s not an easy task at all. However, with this soundbank, we perfectly captured that melodic Chill vibe as well as the more powerful Future Bass style they are known for.

With these crisp Chords, unique Leads, balanced Bas/ Y x # U G V b qses, catchy Vocal-leads, an, ` U ^ x & Bd more, this so\ : 3und4 m ~ ~ K gbank gives you everything you needQ H g = to create your very own hit. With pure quality and richness in mind, these sounds were designed to make your productions pop. We genuu q i s G oinely believe that if you produce melodic music, this pack is a must-have!

Snappy yet powerful Kicks, Snaps, Claps, and Snares are the backbone of every Chainsmokers hit. Many times, it’s the colossal Stomp Kick that provides the power. In other situations, Tr` b :ap Drums build the whole foundation and real clap recordings at an organic touch. Lets notX T n p T S even get started witw z – I P k I ph the excellent percussion work, like iI q ( i } B Jnsane War Drums that add crazy creative rhythms.

With all that in mind, we crZ 9 Tafted a mighty sample pack that contr 2 z i k x ?ains everything from drum one-shots to drum loops, fills, and even instO 5 FrumentK \ N 8 H [ loow ^ @ps, like pianos, guitars4 $ N w | O, and more. And with a super accurate ear for details, we designed everym R b # sample to be thrown into a live mix, and work right away.

Having access to The Chainsmokers inspired samples and presets already gives you a huge advantage.h X c – However, having access to projc N o { ^ p Qect files iF # : q A 4 qnspired by their songs is going to take reverse-engineering to a whole new level. We have crafted six project files inspired by their recent albums ‘Wo} c qrld War Joy’ and ‘Sicky Boy’ to allow you to dive into the prL _ y boject files and learn howp N ` n 4 w e 2 8 some of your favorit( K ? . u D +e The Chainsmokers tracks were crafted


  • 1p 2 u a / *00 Serum Presets Version 1.304+
  • 270+ Drum Samples & Loops
  • 6 Project Files for FL Studio & Ableton Live & Logic Pro X