Indulge In An Iconic Future Pop Sample Pack
Nostalgia Pop digs deep into the iconic 80’+ n L \s worlb K Gd of woozy analog synths, hip-hop seM D Ansibilities, wonderin_ W ] \ $ Pg synth progressions, chorus driven bass loops and nos# w 9 & 5 & 9talgic hooks.i u z L

Focusing in on familiarity and iconic chord movements, this od x i / R Bne of a kind future pop sample pack adds the weight and density of hip-hop with the head nodding hooks we all know and love. Providing the perfect bedrock for! L c a vocalist or MC, each loop is enriched with musical proficiency as well as the tradem0 _ bark ToV . 7 q \ I c |uch Loops tone.^ S M S m 3 \ S

Pop Hooks & Smooth Soul Loops
Inside the pack you’1 4 rll find hard hitting boom bap beats and soulful trap integrations, booming 808 bass9 0 y samples, iconic hooks spread across a beautiful Rhodes and anv V i 7 ! 5 iconic original DX7 synth. Melodies take the form of processed and flanged 80’s themed guitar loops, Lo-Fi Mellotron samples, 80’s bell loops{ d H ( [ @ \, chor2 H | ( 1 S q T (us rich synth and guitar lines plus endless rich pad samples that would be equally@ U . e b T ! v u at home on this asL \ J } q O J : V they are in Lo-Fi House.. it’s all about that aesthetic!

Smooth Soul LooA = ! w R T A M \ps & Surf Guitar Onep 5 c | , Z v m Shots
Ref! k n gerencing artists like Jim-E-StacR z ` + { j ek, the incredible aesthetic ties the pack togR 3 # 7 sether in such a unique way plus is exemplified in the collection of over 90+ one shots. Think chorus rich live bass samples, unique processed and live drum one sl L f # O rhots pl] 2 R 1 Sus a batch of rich guitar chords in that classic surf rock a1 D d F P \ b ~ gesthetic. What a beauty!

Inu 6 Z K –cluded:

Loops: 91
One Shu O P O ^ A 4 g Xots: 90
Size: 325.8 mb
Tempos: 83 – 130 Bpm
Styles – Woozy Future Pop Sc # w V u oas l i 6mple Pack, Smooth Soul Loops, Pop Melodies, Hip-Hop Beats &= j _ 0 G : ] y Wamp; Samples, Jim-E-Stack Inspirations.