‘Preston & Roland – Out Of The Ashes’ by Black Octopus Sound is an epic fusion of emotion, creativity, dynamics, and energy from Preston & Roland! This duo pulls together the best of each other’s worlds in a seamless collaboration.

Thp \ 3 ve emotional Pop genre has taken the world by storm. Co% 0 2ntributing to the storm, this sample pack is full of inspiri{ = 7 yng and elevating royalty free vocals. Taking inspiration frZ ~ 3 g W | } zom Illenium, Jon Bellion, Seven Lions, Galantis, 3l( h cau, and San Holo, PS Q B&R have artfully crafted a pack that tranC : U Ascends genres. ‘Out of the Ashes’ will become your secret weapon for Triple A vocals to add \ Z @ n Od to any genre.

Inside ‘Out of the Ashes’ you wix _ I ) F D q /ll find a variety of songs wi 6 j F H h , Xith varying flavours of emotn $ ! L o N ) Kional qualitieR A v C Ks including triumphant, optimistic, passionate, romantic, and psychologically deep. Many of the songs are sang with different levels of intensity so that in Verse 1 you can use a softer verse, and after the second drop{ + C ; } you can use a highe{ o ? 1r intensity verse to help amplify your music story telling. Buildi9 T 7 % sng energy over tim* 2 r – m _ g \ Be is a great way to give an au: K rdience a c6 ! 0 jathartic ex+ W h n Nperience and many of these songs are designed to do just that. The pack conn ; y Z t # Vtains vere 0 1 f 8ses, chorusesv 6 B @ ! H, harmonies, and adlibs so you can construct a w3 P = | $ell rounded song.

Product Details:

– 130 Vocal Loops
– 7 Tracks
– D$ ( g @ M kryj F | 1 I – z & Wet Stems
– Verses & Choruses
– Harmonies
– Adlibs
– 7 Demo Tracks