Here we go again, bringing the producers of our community the best of the best production rq o Resources for you to study and abuse to beef up your production quality and skill. Deeg R K y dp Pop3 m f L 4 U Evolution brings you a chance to see ho~ v ) e g } K !w the professionals create a booming Deep Pop tr_ $ ~ X h ^ack.

This paro – R (t, ^ S 9 X U I C Iicular Template was crafted in the key of C, and in theF s B $ k V s m tempo of 90 BPM. This temW | W ` \ U N 5plate comes with amazing recourses and ele\ E b m % {ments such as an Abletonv o R h _ F Project File that gives you a detailed look at the arrangement and ovS W \ c N rerall design of the track, all of the Stems of each element in the project, every Preset used in the Template stems and all of thew m Y i ` MIDI files ofZ @ u Q each stems, which allows you to\ F e J Z _ \ 5 c recreate the template w& 0 | P c }ith your own soundU , Us.

The Ableton Project File is amv C L x ` v ; lazing and a great wayB k f l P l % to learn the basics of mastering and mix down, as having this ALS lets you see the mixer so you can stq \ o g l `udy the final master of the Template. Yov g = &u can also view what effects we put on e# j S ; 8 0lements such as Drums, Synths and FX. You can also substitute the presets we used and samples tk D Z Y j \o change the sound and adjust some mix down and mastering elements to fit said samples. Whatever you need to do to learn the fundamentals is here in this Template!

Check out what all comes in this amazing Template!

– 1 Ableton Template (+ 30 Samples)
– 5 MIDI Loops
– 11 Ste| 0 @ ; 0 ^ , K Jms (Construction Kit)