‘Mainstage Moombahton’ from the Must Have Audio brand features five full length Kits (intro, verse, bridge, build, and drop) styled after the ever popula2 f [ 4 p 4 0 H ur Moombaht8 I eon grooves that have been hitting the top charts recently. This pack is inspired by Justin Bieber and Skrillex’s newest hiJ ] D P Wt ‘Sorry’, R City’s signature Caribbean sound in ‘Locked Away and Again’, and Major Lazer’s multi-$ K $ ` s qplatinum hit ‘Lean On’ and other album signature track ‘Light It Up’.

This is def? | l ? : ( Jinitely a hot party starter so get your hands on this collection and start crafting your next hit Moomba@ 0 Q 0 , { shton anthems.

Product Features:

  • 5 Col [ E Gnstruction Kits BetU z E | { Ww4 X _ 4 % j R Peen 98 and 100 BPM
  • Over 1 GB of Content
  • Folders Tempo and Key Labelled
  • 1u / h 7 a T e W00% Royalty-Fren f c ` =e
  • Full Stems/WAV L+ m G y i Toops/One-Shots