Under a new moniker, Buck puts forth Love Vox, a collection of polished and unpolished vocal samples with depth, feeling, and impressiv0 ? x t + \ q 5 we texturX B z ~ % i f g re. With a track record of writing and prH e ;oducing muE G ; a ( D Isic for popular artists, hit television shows and ad campaigns, Buck presents a substantial vocal library combining pop sheen with lo-fi, raw emotional content, and unique soundscapK 6 * k : Zing. This pack is capable of carving out space in genres from pop to hip hop, electronic to folk, indie, and othX A h w 0 K :ers in between.

Along with one shots are full verses, rare hoo! ) } @ks, eerie harmonies, and a sprinkling of wild creations and instrumental sounds. If you’re looking to add unique signature-flavor to your trf Q F 4 3 : eacks, look no further. Also, pick up Love Vox if y) . | f A 1 1 cou want to win over the love of your life.

Keep an eye out for mo. d u d Dre surprising releases from RARE percussion!