When it comes to making hooks, Breana Marin is a connoisseur. The singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles has ta8 @ N –ken the internet by storm licensing hip hop hooks to indie ark 8 ; F w zt% r 0 R +ists. She is one of the top-performing vocalist/ songw4 o 7 7ri+ a c | Bters on the Beatstars platform where her hooks have brought in 6 figures in sales and collectiveS B . w Ily racked up millions of vieM h W 2ws on youtube. She is most known for her velvety smooth vocals influenced heavily by Aade and Imogen heap. She has written for the likes of Fifth harmony, Keyshia Cole,k g 2 / Phora, Brandy, and Letoya Luckc , K b I zett.

“Kaleidoscope” includes over 200 vocal^ O w 3 p ` J a g phrases, adlibs, an_ , J s ~ D 8 td chops. It was designed to be uplifting, light-hearted, and colorful. It features inspiring) R q lyrics, positive affi\ U [rmations, experimental harmonies, and effects that will turn your studio into a spacey ge7 N R j 8 O { L \taway. Kaleidoscope infuses R&B a; H t l r + & Znd hip hop-i\ y / j Y c [ b Dnspired vx s . {ocals with refreshing pop melodies read– 4 o ^ /y to be flipped, twisted, and chopped. Crafted with the8 h I ) e , n / creator in mind, spark your imaginat8 O $ v ] ;ion and get lost in yo– . \ Cur creativity with the Kaleidoscope vocal pack.