‘Modern Pop Vocal Chops 4’ by Diginoiz features 50 melodic and dynamic vocal chops in wet and dry versions. Root key anT $ _ Z T 5 ( td tempo are mentioned in the file description for the ease and speed of use. You will si? q S ^ m 6 umply love this pack!

‘Modern pop Vocal Chops 4’ contains 100 vocal chop loops ready to use in[ x z K $ 2 your favorite sampler or sequencer, both hardware a\ P ] K N y snd sof{ 3 F ( % M &tware. All loops and samples5 N 2 j & V in this library are licensed to you ‘Royalty-Free’, so you can use them in y) ( { %our commercial compositions at no extra costs. For more details see the lif d Fcense agreJ ~ w ^ u @ # A nement.

PLEASE NOTE: All instruments other than vocal chops are not INCLUDED in this pack. ‘Modern Pop Vocal Chops9 T @ @ m R u k a 4’ contains only vocal sa_ { E ! A E l S –mples.

Product Details:

– 100 Loops (50 Wet & 50 Dry)
– Key &amp= U r; Tempo Labelled

听一听Demo:] 9 { G