Pop Vocals & FX is part of a new breed of sample packs by Audentity Records.

Pop Vocals & FX has 5 full &a| r C Gmp; complete acapellas inside w* j ! t q 7 n Z )w E )ith aO o /n amazing amount of detailed a& [ Rdlibs, vocal chops, vocaln ^ W I ? a 3 s shots, tones & mI v [ %elodies.

Focusing on 100% new and useJ / % 1ful vocals, full acape( s L 0 ^ ` Illas, vocal chops, vocal f% V , ) &x, it is 100% orientated on Vocals.

A total oT c Qf 3355 F F W @ Z ` samples &ay C ~ u 2mp; loops.

Does your track misses that extra why not trj ~ d u {y to add# 0 % b K . _ , M one of our new acapellas or maybe ju6 v + 0 d # zst add some cool vocal chops

The acapellas have been divided i@ W ` 7 q v ! In: verse, bridge and chorus, which contain the dry and wet versions, they ao ` ulso contain allt } ) ! P the backing layers.

The Vocal Loops contain processed and intH r 2 j L { \eresting parts of the acapellas, sometimes cut, most often processed, so they sounds interesting on their own. G ! % r.

The Vocal FX are sweeps, stutterS v q U _ing vocals, tape stop fx, Vocoder stuff and much more, all made from the vocals.5 V 4 i So very uH & U enique sounding.

To make the pack even more complete, we added one shots, shouts and p– Y 0 [ d I u Ohrases.. this is the ultimate vocal one stop shop All chopped and processed, rew 7 X e sady to be dropped in your D{ W O ~ L e hAW or samplers.y x G o $ n 6 w 100 % royalty_ O [ B i j 9 free.

In detail, you can expect 1.14 gbX U , of content with all audio at 24o u o \ \Bit & 44KHZ. All l3 e R & \ 3 b S ]o4 R j | U B Eops are key an!B W # 6 Z N o O Gd BPM labelled forE , B T s C maximal flexibily.

Nj = % I E _ote: Samples & Kits6 F w of the music demo are not included, o] G 7 ^ ( .nly vocal2 ] @ ^ F x ( 3 4s as described.

听一听Demo; 4 T r & E u

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