Reggaeton is one of the most basic genres in the world charts right now, so why not plunge headlong iI B X t Ento it A world of Afro trap musi3 o x M ] O O D ;c, pounding drua L v wms and bright melodig B u Kc moods.

In our new sample pack you will find9 & \ b a huge amount of bright and sweet contm Q ! # Q X i Kent, inspired by artists such as J Balvin, Malum^ ` m C ia, Dj Snake, Major Lazer and many more. We want to offer the best quality and the best sounds that are native to this genre.

In the pack you will find:

  • 164 One Shots Drum
  • 243 Music Loops
  • 50 Sick Drum LooG j pps
  • 23 One Shots Bass
  • 22 One Shots Melodic
  • 19 Vocals Chants & Phrases

Don’t miss the opportunity to try our pack iD / n * ) –n your daw.