Step into the ethereal world of Shoegaze & Dream Pop! This introspective selection of blissed out pop and indie samples transports you deep into a dreamy world of long, droning riffs, melodic vintage synths, waves of\ 3 ` A @ distortion, harmonic phrases, muffled echoes and cao ] M nscades of feedback; everything yoJ w c K )u need is here to take yo: L 4 w ~ H g ^ur listeners to another dimension!e B T 2 C V 9 h

The pack haQ r o a c / Q 1s been constructed to maxv o | + N d mimize your workflow and creativity: Looking for the perfect texture to add a layer of warmth and interest to your tr: : Z qack Then dive into the Synth foly 7 E I [ %der, filled to t9 Y she brim with stunningly beautiful melody loops aU t s n ) ] L Znd chord progressions.

Want some melodic guitar lines to add a live-feel and so| . m Cme extra depth to your mix Then filter through the inspiQ { Dred selection of mesmerizing guitar samples (from atmospheric, reverbed and chopped up melodic patterns to washed out ch. 4 m % ; \ Cord prK b e x 1 . Mogressions. Beyond these elements, other sonics included are moving live Basses, epic Drums and a super user-friendly sele$ H T i H *ction of one shots!

All the sounds have been formatted to work in whatever tempo your track is in, making them extremely versatile. o ; N T and functioN , h { ( i + o qnal in multiple genre0 4 Z \ $ Cs beyond Blissed out Pop and Shoegaze; from downtem1 ! g w )po, DJ Shadow style trackt q f h z S \ – cs to Burial-esque Future GaraJ k W A ~ , Qge and much more!

So, take the plunge into tD k n w i V .his otherworldly genre ou \ . l W | ] zfZ J : f ; D Shoegaze and Dream Pop!

  • 24Bit 44.1kHz WAV Format
  • 144 Total Files
  • 26 Synth &o = Aamp; Vox Loops
  • 23 Guitar Loopp c l 3 I i { , ts
  • 14 Bass Loops
  • 29 Drums & Percussion Loops
  • 52 OnH c ee-Shots (FX, Hats & Cymbals, Kicks & Toms, Snares & Claps)

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