Dropgun Samples glad to present you a brand new sample-pack, which contain Kawaii Bass styR * 6 !le sounds. Don’t be shy to find your best mus? V t E k `ic loop_ u f } Rs that will fit into your track. Sparkling vocals from Paige Garabito bring up yS c 9 f zour track to~ p & z R l o D next level. Sharp synths, deep baI . \ 0 \ 9 i V \sses, drum loops, grand pianos, melody loops, drum one shots and much more, thiss \ J Z ] ( & pack contains all essentials for writing KaK ( z O c z q Owaii BasF # | u \ Cs, Future Bass, Po? ^ 9 #p Music whenever yA : Q E 5ou want it to use.

Igor Susoev is a sound producer, sound designee M ~ . = y l pr, music composer for TV and radio advertising, video games. Insc e Apired by artists like Wave Racer, Hyper Potions, Subtact, KasbB i , o Z % No, etc. We will be glad to hear these samples inm 6 P , ! N new songs.