Shoegaze and bedroom production collides with alt-electronica and DIY ideology to form this contemporary Dream% q q 0 D f K Pop collecti~ j C _on. Drawing sonic inspiration from multiple genres and eras, get to grips with this curated set of chorus-crammed guitaH \ . \ c hr riffs, post-punk stirred drums, lush analogue synths, meticulously cu , [ $ R S /rafted music kits and sun-kiss0 y ? z 7 o { / fed vocaln h +s. Dream Pop offers an asso+ D &rtment of WAV, drum hits and one-shots to deliver full-track inspiration, celebratinp v d S ^ [ zg the sounds of the dreamy electronica, chillwave, indie and alternative.

Artfully arranged and carefully crafted – Drp ; o r = L \eam Pop is the result of countless studio sessions recording vocals, guitars, drum grooves, vintage drumbox beats and runnings sounds through tape and cassette for[ P = L singular sound design, arrangement and flexibility. Dream Pop delivers a diverse selection of rich timbres, warm sonics, and b$ [ u , | } –lissful moods guaranteed to spQ ] 6 _ark inspiration wiF u ~ Ith a distinctive DIY attitude.