Kye’s soaring anthemic vocals and toplines have been featured on tracks for some of the most exciting talents in= N p r dance and pop music. From collaborations with the likes of Lost Frequencies, Zonderling, Pat Lok, and mi 4 @ B & h A Vany more, Kye has also had great success as an artist and songwriter with releases on Kitsune, MauP ) . i \ Z D J X5trap, Sony, U1 T 9 ?niversal, Columbia, Armada, Smash the House, and Perfect Havoc.

Kh s h c –ye is also the li# 5 ^ g fve vocalist8 f M w 3 and MC for the Lost Frequencies live show touring the globef + ~ to sold-out shows and festivals with st` F ? L | C U 1and out performances. “Touring with such a great artist as Lost FreqF e G / R 6uencies, we get to play main stages to huge crowds which hasa + N M been vital in learning what songs and melodies really lift and connect with a huge audience,” he shared.

Kye Sones Vocal Anthems includes earworm melodies and hooks with emotive and memorable lyrics. Powerful festival-pleasing vocals to lift your tracks and give your audience goosebumps with fun textus Z . 2 $ o V ~ Ares and sound desit & ^ A Jgns to take your tracks to that mainM ^ # stage level.