‘Vocal Hits Vol 4’ by Roundel Sounds is a Pop sample pack loaded with vocal and instrumental stems and MIDI.

This pack is a new addition to the ‘Vocal Hits’ series filled with great gui[ v Ktar riffs and sweet pianos that will go perfectly with the catchy Pop vocals included. Plus, you will find catchy and beautiful melodies t1 L C f o ;hat will help you structure and create your track. The 103 vocal stems contained within are rich and strong and come in both wet a5 5 P ) f Jnd dry variants.

The instrument samples include real electric guitars and pianos along with the the catchy fe, D E 9 , Dmale and male vocals. The flexibility of MIDI files as well as the simplicity of the preview demos will only be the stepping sa . @ J G b P ltone of whatS ? 1 you can achieve with this product. Just drag and drop the elemd B R Q }ents of each ConstruN h x # w d L B `ction Kit and use the MIDI fm 3 b – Ciles to freely build your own concep) \ ] J \ t Bt.

Product Details:

– 4 Co! \ U Y P W 8 } ?nstruction Kits
– 103 Vocal Stems (Wet/Dry/Raw)
– 112 WAV Instrument Stems
– 33 MIDI InstrF 4 E N d T T p Uument Stems
– 44.1kHz/24-Bit/16y a D 0 ` . * &-Bit WAV
– 100% Royalty-Free




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