Want a pack that has everything you need and more to make your next chart-topping song Charting Future Pop by Cyborgs blends feel-good melodies with powerful bass beats to bring you a pack of essential sounds that inject good vibrations into your music.

Uplifting Vocal and Mus \ j y _ 2 n W Qsic MelodieX j h [s will transport you to sunset beach parties on a tropical island that are filled with summer vibes. With arps, chords6 I q L 8 3, keys. \ I % W F G g, pads, plucks, and synths thJ u 5 oat add vitality andy p 2 ` O . S t o glamour to your tunes for a modern sound, alongside vocal cuts, loops, and one-shots that really capture those festival pop vibes which are flooding the airwaves right now.

You will also be able to l^ ) * @ W \ Gay down some heavy fou\ e \ n a I ?ndatiR G # Eons, with en3 e = X 8 B rergetic Drums and Percussion that build8 L Y f # ! Y k uF j N 1 A N t %p the suspense to drops to get the party moving, and danceabl4 ^ , e Ge bass lines that add rhythm and groove that will strike you with instant inspiration.

This pack doesn’t stop there though! With dynamic FX, chilled-out atmospheres, and versatile Serum presets, you can’t go wrong w! 6 W ; $ eith adding ‘Charting Future Pop’ to your sample pack arsenal, ju{ + } *st in time for summer.

986 Total Sounds
33 Serum Presets
20 Atmospheres
55 Bass Loops
Plus 55 MIDI
20 Buildup Drums
20 Drum Fills
93 Drum Loops
190 DrumX w K s P u J P One Shotso H R C _ v B
80 FX
12 Music@ c i @ A m 9 – Loops
Plus 120 MIDI
50 Music Shots
80 Vocals


听一听Demo:* g m f ` { = }


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