‘Future Sound Of Electro And Pop: Synths’ by Pulsed Records delivers collection of synth loops straight into your DAW. Developed for producers of Electro, Pop, Dance– I 6 and more, inside you will find the sounds of Electro and Pop[ 9 L x ; s 0 { of the 21st century.

Inside are complex analogue leads, floS [ M 9 $ : @ U Uor-shaking basses, melodies, p* D z 6 N = E & blucks, futuristic sou{ R u h V & D \ 0nds and more.o C s M / e p j This proq U C 7 H ~ R – Wduct contains more than 100 synth loops, designed and recorded using Sequential Circuits Prophet 6, DSI Prophet 8, Waldorf Pulse 2, Access Virus Ti2 and more and processed through an Apogee Symphony AD/DA.

Please Note:
This product contains syn8 T \ 0 Vth loops only. Drums heard in the product dem\ m n 7 ko are for promotiX I R / ^ 4onal purposes onl; ( j ! 9 py and are not included in this pack{ s L ( M g ) O 1.

Product Details:
– 105 Synth Loops
– 100% Roye N ,alty-Free
– 24-Bit/44.1kHz
– Compatible with all DAWs