‘Wavy Vocals’ by Keep It Sample presents this outstanding Vocal sample pack. This product is a collaboration with a fantastic singer, GiuliM E p J R a : . \a.

In this pra : q w Toduct, you will find a great assortment of melodic vocal loops, i| 4 ! $ ]nZ f D x W gcluding captivating phrases, exciting vocal chops and a careful selection of shout\ 2 : X &s! Wavy Vocals iU . W +s perfect f@ \ \ q & o / ] mo: 1 V : 2 I l kr Pop and EDM producers looking foT l ( v * h W sr a cutting-edge sO w D C p @ound, who don’t wanna sacrifice quao ! N H /lity and style. In fact, this product is inspired by artists such as Loote, NOTD, Cheat Codes, Gryffin, Lost Kings, Gray, Zedd, Starley, Clean Bandit, Zara Larsson and many more.

What are you waiting for Drag your favourite v, J r Rocal loop into your DAW and staQ \ M . z 1 9rt produc` O [ n –ing your track. Yv 5 ] l 3 Z R c |ou’ll realize. # C * how much easier and intuitive it is to compose your instrumental if you have already mixed and eh P N 4 BdR g sited vocals as a point o} V 3 x g D P z =f reference! Everythin7 O x ^ kg in Wavy Vocals is R2 + s Boyalty-Free, so you can use them all without the permission on your tracks anS C /d release them through your favouritX T I U _ L % & Me; F M labels.The world is waiting for your next hit!

Product Details:

  • 46 V* u k s ?ocal Loops
  • 10 Phrases
  • 8 ShouB ( ` jts
  • 6 Bonus Vocal Chops
  • 74 -120 BPM
  • 24-Bq K s b A t z Bit Audio Quality
  • 100% Royalt1 6 , n 6y-Free




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