‘Indie Summer’ from LP24 features 400 high quality, professionally crafted organic and synthetic loops an/ E q b ? Z x nd one-shots created for you2 W d 5 r ir productions. Inside you’ll discove= \ Ur the modern essential sounds and vibes of indie Pop, Tro~ 3 @ _pical Rock and modern coastal Dance.

This pack is so full of heat, it’s recommend applying SPFs ^ D o r Y z50 before using it (not included with the 400 saD l S m * Hmple! 2 Y B / \ f ;s). Experience the alluring work of West Coast and highly musical multi-instrumentalist, engineer and sonic designer Theodore Klein in this outstanding collection. The most inspiring ideas, performances, recordings and expertly edited sessions have been hand-picked to take you straight into a be_ O J jautifull. | n m 0 9 Uy sunny and tropical paradise.

With ‘Indie Suma i 7 v A M ] emer’ you’ll dive right in thp * Z V Xe groove with a fully diverse selection of professionally recorded acoustic drums, oQ k C d m T \ Briginal electronic sam) e H Z d @ F H Iples and fully mixed percussion loops. Drum fills are also found in seperate files so you can easily mix and match to create transitions.

Instantly gratifying basslines (both electric an_ n * n w Y j f ad synth bass), top notch electric guitar riffs, (rhythmics, chords, melodies, both dry and proce) G L S ^ssed), the warmest analog synthesizers (chords, stabsN @ : *, rhythmics, melodies, arps, sequencev v . E W u x e is) and amazingly psychadelic e0 l – d Z f P ,ff= c h d B y / iects all form this amazingly cohesive collecti# W V H | Q H K Qon. Each sound has been carefully processed to perfection using analogue gear and digital precision.

You’ll find exD B = ltremely quick and usefh ` m ` 2ul musical variations (A, B, C and D sections) for$ ? L w ! 9 many bass and guitar parts. Don’t let your DAW miss the fliga ; w ` ; i U / ,ht, thc i m _is is an ‘Indie Su. | h J p e A $mmery v B m b { F : M’ vacation.

Product Details:i k u a @ 3 , r

  • 400 Loops & One-Shots in Total
  • 247 Loops/153 One-Shots
  • 48kHz WAV Format
  • 35 Bass Loops
  • 19 Drum Fills
  • 79 Drum Loops
  • 23 FX Loop; { Ls
  • 45 Guitar Loops
  • 46 Synth Loops
  • 25 Bass Hits &: T a famp; Noises
  • 82 Drum Hits
  • 11 FX
  • 15 Guitar Hits & Noises
  • 20 Synth hitsS , , b z A