‘Brightness – ASMR Whispers’ by Alhym Records is an outstanding royalty-free collection of stunning, catchy and melodic vocals from St. Petersburg based talent Brightness AKA Tamara Flerinskaia.

Brightness is a singer} 7 ? d F | W Y 4, songwF a % | t V | = 4riter and feaU c i w $ e 6 4tuO : h Q : rring artist best known for her top-charting House aa # k s rn+ ~ ; – ? zd Ethnic sample packs. All her released tracks have found their place in the worldwide known poV } Q ^ |dcasts of Roger Shah, Dj Feel, Cosmic Gate, Eximinds, and more. Brightness’ soulful and light voV * Fice makes her songs sound pleasant and really unD T # Y @ q 9 +forgettable in any genre. Tho S \ 9 H r m $ Ois pack contains 84 sexy whispers, vocal hooL ? Y Hkm L = @ Bs and spoken words which will be a great addition to a variety of different genres from TrapN ; . % ? U H 1 s to Techno.

Product Details:

  • WAV Vocal Lc ? g = j Q 2oops & Samples




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