The sound of cybertronic love songs, spectral pop, and experimental synthetics for your ex. At times harsh and aggressive, at times soft and vulnerable, this collection of synths, plucks, pads. . v, and le! S * g Fads mix effortlessly with modern and pro: ; V J + ] rcessed machine drums, modula; ^ I Yr bass,. R l and essential vocal chops and resamples. Drawing influence from the leading edge of experimental pop production, this is the all u X P sternative, modern sound of electronic pop without rad^ & l } \io boundaries.

This is whe} Y G W + = }re pop chord proR q B [ $ n M J [gressions, analogue synths, and inspirational songstarters melt into billboard motifs, forward-thinking sound design, and emotive experimentation.

  • 137 ONE SHOT; D { V Y Z s hS
  • 179 LO^ r Z v f uOPS