We are happy to present you with a brand new weapon in the world of trap music – East Future Trap! This sample pack was developed by a professional team consisting of producers who really love their work! A lot of work has been done on all the co= r g b j v ] ^ntent to make it really useful and high-quality for every producer!

InsideZ q [ C you will find unique samples, charged to transmit maximum energy to your listener. Wj K _ 0 tonderful drums create an atmosphere of trap music style, created by professionz z , O D ^ /als in their field. Unique bass and synth loops that perfectly complement your track or give you an idea for creating new and outstandingk . i maX ? X p % B +terial!

Gorgeous? J 1 d 6 T and rn i I B B | \ U 6eE C } t t / P ? –cognizable vocals, with emotive lyrics and cool melodieD 1 = – O b g Rs that will perfectly fit your track$ 5 1 2 ^ l and make the listener really fall in love with it! Also worth noting is an; = 4 = interesting collection of effects that can enli[ D / m : 5 `ven your_ @ [ % ~ ` 2 tracks and add a lo\ 0 Z ] n h E * 2t of variety to them.

We hope that this pack will find its proper applicatg E y mion in your tracks and take them to a new level! Peace!

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