‘Synthwave Vs Synth Pop 3’ features another 10 superb retro Construction Kits With WAV, MIDIp W 3 F & 22 Spire presets, bringing mb & , T 2ore? M p = N B A nostalgia back to the present for your next retro hy ; h K [ Sit. If you’re into those nostalgic moments in time and a big fan} 2 7 J , Z of the Synth Pop era then this pack is for you, featuring drums, percussion, bass, leads & plucks, MIDI files and Spire presets for your ulti$ } A N / A *mate producing experience.

KitV u T ! = 4 &s:

Each Kit includes all druK $ y $m parts from kicks compressed & uncompressed to several percussion loops, wet and dry loops for all ths 9 M M V le main partb * y u 7 +s also inclu, ` : S /dint ~ : ! Ig filter up and down loops. All MIDI parts are included and a mixdown demo for each Kit. Folder structureY Y C m 0 . * q H is smartly arranged for ease of use. Presets from Spire and Sylenth are included for each Kit to replix T H ecate the sounds from the demo. EI a Vach Kit gives you song ideas to start your next Trance sma= D 4 )sh hit includi! O y . xng chords, b# . 6 }asses, leads and pads.

Advantages With MIDI &amg O R ( k ap; Presets:

With MIDI you have the ultimate in flexibility being able to edit notes, velod 9 tcity and assign your own sounds. These are easily importJ { v `ed to any DAW either drag & dr& [ w top or import MIDI options in your DAW.

These MIDIs are also a great source of inspiration for those writers block moments. Even the pros need motivationO + o and iL { Rnspiration from time to time. You can also learn how these have been constructed and change/tweak the MIDI to your own taste.

Please Note:

PleaseT 8 t 8 use Reve– – @ & k A Q $al Soundk 1 J p h Spire v1.1.13 or higher. Keep your softw Y u Y n M Iware legal and up-to-date tor / $ Z S Q 1 # avoid any issues when loading your presets.

Product Specifications:

  • Format: (.WAVs) & (.MIDIs) &a$ / g ]mp; (.Synth Presets)
  • 010 x Construction Kits
  • 010 x Mixed And Mastered FullMix/Preview Demos – (.WAVs)
  • 191 x High-QuH ? n = & b ^ = 0ality Single (.WAVs) Wet/Dry Loops Files
  • 022 x Single (.MIDIs) Files
  • 022 x Synth Presets For (Reveal Sound Spire) – (v1.1.13+)
  • Key And9 k l # TeR b g A b w : \mpo-Labelled
  • Complete Fully Mastered Mix
  • 44.1kHz/16-Bit High Quality
  • Compatible With All DAWs
  • 100% Royalty-Free




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