The brand new vocal pack from Function Loops delivers no less, but the level of billboard artists in these new vocal acapella. I ) [s, ready to be injected instanN : u d Ct@ ( ~ G . ? (ly into your next produc\ B q Otions!

Lg n 1 poaded wj 0 4 ; % G { |ith top female voS @ L rcals, bass loops, drums, instrumental and musif r ,c loops, fx and one-shot samples, this 100% royalty-free collection willd A a O C q help you bigD ] p o 3 6 N time, while working on your projects.

We did the h@ b 9 % 2 ] `ard job forQ C ( E % d ( Q you, what’s left is to use these vocals and sounds creatiq @ + 9vely to produce your next hit.

The vocalist of this pack has performed some3 C w | of thS $ F Fe biggest stages. We might reveal her name in the nm C s ` kext volume, stay tuned!

A\ / & :ll sounds inw U V p 1 [ # % thk b , gis pack are royalty-free, no strings attacheK K $ c * gd.

  • 39 ONE SHOTS
  • 144 LOOPS


听一听DeT f { l Xmo:


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