ALHYM records presents: ASMR and Pop Vocal Vol 3 by Brightness, an outstanding royalty-free collection of stunning, catchy and melodic vocals from St. Petersburg based talent Brightness.

Brightness (Tamara FlerinsO C Rkaia) is a/ { 9 singer, songwriter and featuring artist. Best known for her house and ethnic sample packs reached topX ) s { 7 f 3 c y positions on charts. Ab & { oll her released tracks found their places in worldwide known podcasts of Roger Shah, D+ f a } B p R Fj Feel, Cosmic Gate, Eximinds, etc.

The soulful and light voice of Br1 9 : y 4 M Sightness makes her songs sound pleasant and really unforgettable in aK u Z ~ny genre. The vocal comes b9 L ` q 6 Q ! b 5oth as dry and wet versions.

Note: This is a vocal pack t3 B d r 6 } Y , che musical ec [ 2 j Tlement3 b ) vs in the demo are not included. This pack contains vocals only.

Product details:

  • 121 MB of Content
  • 100 WAV Files
  • 24 Vocal Loops
  • 76 Vocal Hooks and Whispers
  • Dry and Wet Vocals
  • 130 BPM
  • Key Labeled
  • 44.1 kHz/24-Bit Quality
  • 100% Royalty-Free