A Progressive Pop Professional grade Fl Studio Template recreating some of Jax Jones’s style of Music Producing Techniques. This template song is focused on big drops, build-ups, Fxs,L % E * ( s l and automations, withF % , M S * much to learn about transitions, song structure, and mucI ( / , V Xh more.

The Template was made for Fl Studio, using Xfer’s Serum v1.21 F F W u k X ( 686 (or higher), Izo5 g l ltope’s Nectar 3, and Reveal Soud { z Z . q 1 n Bnd’s S~ 4 Cpire Vst Plugin. Also making use of Fl Studio’s Stock FX and Stock Instruments, and Splice Vocal Samples (included) as well. Progressive Pop Sty0 v u h Nle samples for beginners are included, featuring a full arrangement Beat= 9 u. Both fully Me * = g f Oixed and Mastered, ready for yT z 4 B 1ou tn { h z lo download and start playing it!


File size: 13.8 M) I C 4 _ 5B
Software,5 _ F b / c | M u DAW: Fl Studio 20.7 or higher.
VST Plugins: Xfers OTTS u 9 l ^,$ p # r Serum v1.286y $ \ C (or hiH a 7 a igher),s 3 [ z E C Reveal Sound’s Spire 1.1.13 (or higher), Izotope’s Nectar 3 Vst Plugins.
Song Key: F Maj
Time Length: 2:49
Genre: Progressive Pop[ N n ^ 8 Y \ ] r
Drums: All Drum Sample; } H P Hs are part of this zippeds ] 2 project. You can find them there.
Recommendations: IP z . J P Wf you run into any CPU i$ + Q ] v U Nssues5 i * 4 : , x ` |, we’re using a 3rd generation Intel is B * N x P7 at arout s ! Y w 5 6 | rnd 10% here so make suO R 0re to use Fl’s freezing function and resamplinu E / t rg tq s g ; s T iechniques if yO w \ [ / R \ 8ou have trouble running the project.




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