Team Flare | WAV: 200 MB | REX: 175 MB

Vital Vocals present Deep House Vocals – a fantastic selection of perfectly delivered female vocals that are ready to bring a touch of humanism and soul to your latest House classic. Ensure you’re not missing the iciu 6 m d = \ \ & &ng on tF r h ` T ! ` 2 Lhe cake in the form of these 100% royB ! d b ralty free vocals!

Featuring the divine vocal talents of J6 s e z vasmine Knight Deep Ho_ T ! C ) E ` 3 %use Vocals is a collection brought together by the understandin@ Y + } 5 V 6g that killer vocals are one of the key components in any7 w i o P House producer’s arsenal. We’re proud to offer world-beating vocal lines without the nR ( Ieed for you to access a studio or hardware, as we’ve already drawn for the best technology aJ \ 2 Snd engineers in the game to bring a beautiful production quality to the most mesmerisI J * # F ~ing hooks, riffs and verses ar2 I ` h # Tound.

Jasmine Knight is one of the most exciting Artist- Singer/ Songwriters in the UK r= ! 8 J p _ j O yight now and with her fierce vocals and huge stage presence, you will be instantly be hooked. Whether it’s lively Drum & bass, House & Garage or chunky Breakbeats, Jasmi* q E . S _ $ne’s big stage presence & powerZ A w | 7ful voice emits energy like a trG O I \ a @ r E 0ue diva!

Find the ingredients for 5 separate vocal songs inside, in a variety of keys and tempos to ensure your tracks a_ J J \ & [ `re on point. Sounds are available here in dry, wet and double tracked versions, all performed with jaw dropping accuracy and style.

In detail expect to find 5 Songs, 38 Adlibs, 28 Verses, 26 Cr – v { ( ` f | Whorus, 20 Hooks and 8 Fx Along with 20 Rex2 Files

With; } r U loops and verses keeping things moving between 120-130bpm, these vocals are perfectl5 P my suite= m 9 s o 4d to the named genre, as well as House, TecC 8 * d w K Jh House and otherW : 8 & dancefloor oriented styC I A ; e mles.


  • 5 Songs
  • 38 Adlibs
  • 28 Verses
  • 26 Chorus
  • 20 Hooks
  • 8 Fx
  • 120 Rex2 Files